B + W Master 010 MRC NANO UV 77mm filter

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Key features:

  • locks disturbing UV shares of the daylight
  • No extension factor
  • B + W Master - Brass version
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B + W Master 010 MRC NANO UV 77mm filter Description

The invisible UV light is reinforced in pure sea air and in the high mountains; It can lead to blurring and bluish. The color-neutral UV filters are suitable for analogous and digital cameras and provide brilliant images.

You can permanently stay on the lens and protect against dirt and damage. Advantage: Easy cleaning and maximum reflex reduction. Also for superweit angle lenses. B+W offers this filter in MRC compensation (Multi Resistant Coating). In state-of-the-art vacuum coating systems, this multi-layer compensation is evaporated. It proves to be extremely reflex arm and especially scratch resistant. Above all, however, your unique dirt and water repellent surface facilitates cleaning the filters.

Thus, filters can also take over a protective function for the front lens of the lens.

B+W | Master filter
The master filter detection has high technology stability while still very low overall height. It can be used on the most common wide-angle lenses without vignetting danger. Exact information on the focal length or image angle limit is still not possible because the vignetting does not depend not only on the filter height and the image angle, but also by the tube construction of the lens. As a guide for a safe vignetting-free use, in full format 24x36 mm lenses with a focal length from 17 mm and APS-C lenses from 10 mm (about 63 ° diagonal image angle) apply. Despite the small height, additional filters, snap lid or sun visor can be easily and securely fastened in the front thread.

The Filters of the Master line are characterized by a newly designed rotary ring with optimized design for better grip. All versions of the B+W Master Filterline are made precisely made of brass. Brass is known for its dimensional stability and robustness. A special functional coating ensures smooth opening and unscrewing the filter.

The filter glass is playful and stress-free in the brass version and thus optimally exactly plan, which guarantees the highest imaging performance.

Another advantage of the master's socket: The filter glass is no longer fixed from the front, but from behind with a screw-in ring. This can not loosen up with too tightly screwed up additional filters or sun visors of screwing when unscrewing.

B+W | MRC nano coating
An essential criterion for an excellent filter is the remuneration. Quality starts in front of the lens, and there is known to be the filter. A filter must not restrict the performance of an optics. MRC (Multi Resistant Coating) - Remote Filters have a multicoating layer (7 + 1 each) on both sides, which ensures maximum anti-reflection and thus eliminates disturbing stray light. This allows brilliant colors and higher contrasts to be achieved. Due to the low residual reflection (0.5%), MRC reliably avoids ghost or double images that can be caused by back reflection from the image sensor. In addition, MRC protects the filter from scratches due to increased layer hardness and thus preserves the high optical quality. In addition, MRC is dirt and water repellent. Cleaning gets easier.

In MRC Nano, the outer layer was reinforced in effect. The property based on nanotechnology (lotus effect) achieves a better abortion of water. So the cleaning of the filter surface is even easier and faster. The hydrophobic surface reduces the fog fitting. At the transition from cold in warm environment, the fitting solves the fitting within a short time from the filter glass surface.

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Technical Details

  • locks disturbing UV shares of the daylight
  • No extension factor
  • B + W Master - Brass version
  • color neutral filter glass
  • Better grip through optimized knurl
  • MRC nano compensation for the highest demands
  • Easier attachment by new paint technology
  • Front thread for further accessories, e.g. Restable lens lid

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