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Global version or tencent? [ASUS ROG Phone II Dual-SIM ZS660KL-1A018WW - 318315]

  • Rogfan
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Is this the tencent or global version? Do you have it in stock right now? Ive placed an order already 


  • savid7
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it is the global version

  • Abadi1972
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Is it supports VoLTE & VoWiFi is it enabled in phone ) ?

  • Derek_W Staff
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It should be global version as indicated in the product title.

According to ASUS, for the model ZS660KL, both nano SIM cards can connect to VoLTE 4G calling service. But only one can connect to FDD-LTE, and TD-LTE data service at a time. Please also note that the VoLTE service is always subject to the service provided by the mobile carrier.