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Warranty and Support [ASUS ZenFone 6 Dual-SIM ZS630KL - 317483]

  • pakhri
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How is the warranty and support to be applied to this phone? How long is the warranty for it? And is it seller warranty or ASUS warranty? If there are any problem, how long will it take to get it fiexed or replaced?

  • NateM Staff
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Warranty is provided through Expansys. You can see our terms here

  • pakhri
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Is the phone 8/256 black model available for delivery? Or does it have to wait for stock availability? How long will it take for the phone to reach Malaysia, from the day of check out to arrival. I'm assuming that you have to order the phone from the supplier first, which will affect delivery time.

  • Derek_W Staff
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Delivery time for an in-stock item to Malaysia is approximately 2 to 3 business days. Currently, the stock status of the 8/256 black model is Ordered on request, which means we don't have stock at our local warehouse at the moment. Customers may place orders and the stocks can be arrived anytime soon but no guarantee of the dispatching date. In most situations, the earlier we recieve the order, the sooner stock arrival can be expected.