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  • cochina
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When I first bought my camera this summer, the date appeared on my photos, now it doesn''t. I have read the user guide inside and out and figured it was the battery that might have died so I replaced it. I made sure the date/time/time zone, etc were all accurate. I still can not get it to place the date on the bottom of the photos. I also have a problem when I go to download, several different folders are created. Sometimes if I only take one picture that day, that is all that ends up in a folder. Does some one know what I can do to solve these two issues? Thanks, Lisa
  • fruitcake
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I think you press the DISP button when viewing the pictures to change the display format. It should cycle through the time and date stamp on/off. As far as the folder for storing the pictures - go to the setup menu and go to the Create Folder option. You probably have Auto Create activated and set to Daily whereby you can select a new folder to be created every day. Its a nice feature if you want to log your pictures over a holiday for example. Just change this setting or turn it off to keep all pictures in the same folder. The camera will automaticall make a new folder after 2000 pictures though as this is the maximum number.