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Motorola S9 Headset and N95 - A Marriage Made in Hell [Nokia N95 - 141579]

Is it just me or is anyone else having trouble with their S9 headset being paired up with their N95? I seem to be having the worst trouble with choppy music, and calls not being channeled through to the headset itself thus missing vital phonecalls. On most occasions, I have to remove and re-pair the headset to and from my N95 - imagine doing that everyday with your current Bluetooth headset; well that's my world at the moment! Just wondered if anyone has any advice or experiencing similar problems. When the headset works, it's a dream come true but on a fresh day for use, be some place else. stevie.
  • DJ Mike
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Hi Malibu Stevie, there have been issues surrounding bluetooth and headsets. Hit the search button on the forum and it should bring up some useful answers. Hope this helps.
  • Heridan
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