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Customs Fee and Tax [OnePlus 8T 5G Dual-SIM KB2000 - 328780]

May I ask about the total Customs Fee/Tax that will be charged for orders from Philippines?

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Please note that prices currently listed on our Philippine website are ex-duties. For import tax, you may check with your local couriers i.e. FedEx / DHL for more information. In most situations, they will be the contact point to coordinate with you directly for any possible duties and taxes.

  • lrhome
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If the product's price is more than Php10,000, then you would have to pay the 12 percent tax.

Total fees= Item price defined by Expansys website + Shipping fee + [item price x 0.12].

I was about to purchase the new iPad here because it's so much cheaper than that of local sellers in PH but after calculating taxes, purchasing an item here, if not more expensive, is just as expensive as buying from local sellers.

Remember the Php10,000 taxable items. I bought a lens from before worth Php6,000.   DHL does not charge extra because the price of the merchandise is lower than Php10,000.

Oh, Thank you so much for the info! :)
I was worried that there might still be duties from BoC.
Glad to hear that only tariff will be the additional charge.
Yes and some of the worries are some of our e-commerce such as lazada and shopee has alot of OEMs claiming to be Original.
That's why buying overseas might be a better deal.
Anyways, I digress, Again, Thank you for the info! :)