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Sony Xperia 1 Dual-SIM J9110 – Support Forum Buy Now – AED 3,174.99

SUICA [Sony Xperia 1 Dual-SIM J9110 - 315984]

Does this one support SUICA?

I wanna use this one in Japan as Mobile Suica to take trains and taxies.

This device supports NFC so that it enables to use mobile payment service via QR/bar code.

If Suica service works based on QR/bar code reader, there should be no problem.

Please check with Suica if they are feasible with devices supporting NFC as well.


Japanese Mobile Suica is only supported by major 3 carrier's phone, docomo, au, SoftBank. Their Xperia 1 is different SIM free Xperia 1.