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Sony Xperia 5 II 5G Dual-SIM XQ-AS72 – Support Forum Buy Now – AED 2,574.99

Considering getting the Xperia 5 [Sony Xperia 5 II 5G Dual-SIM XQ-AS72 - 328283]

  • Moosewala
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Hello everyone,, I've been an Xperia user for quite some time, had the Xperia M and the Z3 and I'm currently on the Xperia XA2. Other than the low internal storage capacity and 3GB of RAM I'm quite satisfied with it, overall I really like the feel of Xperia phones https://100001.onl/ https://1921681254.mx/. I just wanted to find out your guys' honest opinions of the Xperia 5 with all of its pros and cons just to get an overall idea about the phone and whether the narrow design is an issue or not with things like streaming videos and gaming. Thanks!!!!

Overall from using the 5 ii for about one week, I found the narrow and compact design is quite comfortable for both gaming and video streaming.


1. It is light, compact and pocket-able, so I found it very handy to be used for daily activity. Since it has long AR 21:9), we can have wider view point for touching the control buttons and play the game. I tested it for Call of Duty and Asphalt. It is good for wathing movies at netflix and youtube.

2. The battery life is quite good. It can last for more than 1 day with medium usage watch video and play some games).
3. The fingerprint sensor, camera software, and multi-tasking menu are quite responsive. Because of those AR, we can maximize the screen for multitask.

4. The speaker is impressive and produce clear sound. I like the front facing stereo spreaker with vibration setup.

1. It is very slippery, so make sure to put on some cases.
2. The front camera is not really good tbh. I mean It is proper but not very impressive if we compared it with other flagship smartphone from other brand. If you are a 'selfie' person, you may find the front camera result unsatisfying.
3. No wireless charge. Although I dont really need that. But I think it will be good if we have those. For emergency cases if the charging port was broken.

If you need more information related the specs, I think you can find some explainations on youtube.