Xiaomi Redmi K50 Extreme Edition 5G Dual SIM 12GB/256GB, CN Version w/ Google service,Ice Blue

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Key features:

  • 1st Generation Snapdragon® 8+ Mobile Platform
  • Customized 1.5K flagship straight screen
  • 3725mm² gaming grade VC cooling

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Brand: Xiaomi / SKU: 385928 / Mfr: AP_22081212C_12GB256GB_BLUE_CN / EAN:

Xiaomi Redmi K50 Extreme Edition 5G Dual SIM Network Compatibility

Supported Bands : 5G Bands 28/5/8/3/1/40/41/38/78/77, LTE Bands 1/3/4/5/7/8/18/19/26/34/38/39/40/41, 3G/HSPA Bands 19/6/5/8/4/1

Note: Many of our devices are sourced internationally. Wireless frequencies for 3G, 4G, and LTE vary by carrier. Even when 3G/LTE frequencies are supported, a new SIM card or additional configuration may be required, and coverage may vary by location. Please check with your carrier or our customer service team at info@expansys.ae for warranty or compatibility information if you have any questions.
LTE Network Compatibility
Du Supported Networks
LTE: Band 3 (1800 MHz)
5G: Band 78 (3500 MHz)
3G/HSPA+: Band 1 (2100 MHz)
Etisalat Supported Networks
LTE: Band 3 (1800 MHz), Band 7 (2600 MHz), Band 20 (800 MHz), Band 42 (3500 MHz)
5G: Band 41 (2500 MHz), Band 78 (3500 MHz)
3G/HSPA+: Band 1 (2100 MHz)

Xiaomi Redmi K50 Extreme Edition 5G Dual SIM Description

1st Generation Snapdragon® 8+ Mobile Platform

Customized 1.5K flagship straight screen

3725mm² gaming grade VC cooling

120W Immortal Second Charge + 5000mAh High Power

100MP OIS Optical Image Stabilizer Camera

Under-screen fingerprint unlock

Snapdragon 8+ "Furious Tuning"
Ultra-high game performance release
The new Snapdragon 8+ flagship processor, not only has the computing power of CPU and GPU jumped significantly, but also the energy consumption ratio is excellent. In the face of the fierce battle of the game, the performance is unleashed, and the berserk is in the end!

CyberFocus all things focus
Equipped with Xiaomi imaging brain, it supports all things to follow the focus, just double-click to automatically lock the focus when shooting, from recognition to
Detection and tracking are automatically performed by AI, making every creation easier and more free for you.

Under the screen fingerprint
Big comeback
The K50 Extreme Edition is equipped with an off-screen fingerprint, supports heart rate detection, and unlocks in dark light.
Bring you a more convenient daily use experience.

Stereo dual speakers

Multifunctional NFC

Infrared remote control

X-axis linear motor

Full Metal Camera Deco
Camera Deco all-in-one for a well-organized order
Order sense, metal material, superior texture, more durable.

Minimalist waistline
Exquisite and simple waistline treatment, let the screen and back cover get
Natural transition. With a large curved glass back cover, it can bring more stickiness
Comfortable grip that fits the palm of your hand.

Redmi x Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team
For you to jointly create a super fast
hardcore phone
W13 E Performance same shirt
The classic continuation of track elements
Pay tribute to the heart of the champion with the endless competitive spirit!
Limited to 20,000 units worldwide

Gaming grade VC cooling
3725mm² large area
Large VC liquid-cooled heat dissipation area, ultra-high heat transfer efficiency, with unimaginable calmness,
Easily handle high-energy moments in the game.

FEAS 2.1
Intelligent frame stabilization technology
Sustained frame rate is more stable
Adjust the CPU power frame by frame, effectively reduce the power consumption of the whole machine, and give you a more stable and lasting game frame rate performance.

1.5K custom straight screen
Ultra clear resolution
Custom 2712 x 1220 Ultra HD resolution with up to 446 pixels per inch, beyond the limits of vision
The display ability is infinitely close to the 2K screen.

1.5K custom straight screen
Ultra low power performance
Equipped with multiple hardware-level low-power designs, the power consumption is very close to the 1080P screen, allowing you to worry-free
Enjoy a stunning visual experience in 1.5K.

Hardware low blue light
SGS low visual fatigue certification

High-end screen adjustment
Customized flagship straight screen

68.7 billion color display

Primary color screen
?E˜0.38 JNCD˜0.28

High dynamic image display

Super touch

Ambient color temperature sensing

2.4mm super small chin

120W Immortal Second Charge
5000mAh large battery
Up to 1.28 days of battery life
The rare combination of 120W second charge and 5000mAh high power, thanks to the low power consumption of the upgraded processor and screen,
The energy-filled K50 Supreme Edition spares no effort to support you longer

Xiaomi "Surge P1"
Self-developed fast charging chip

100 million pixels
OIS Optical Image Stabilizer Camera
Upgrade the photosensitive element, with f/1.6 large aperture,
1.92µm fusion large pixel, with OIS optics
Anti-shake, make the image more stable and clearer. Not only that,
Equipped with Xiaomi imaging brain, powerful AI capabilities, for
Your creative blessing.

1G + 5P glass-plastic hybrid lens
Reduce glare, better night scene
The optical glass lens equipped with professional camera has higher light transmittance, bringing you better low-light image quality and helping your night scene
A masterpiece, bright, transparent and detailed

Shipping Weight: 0.44kg

Technical Details

  • 1st Generation Snapdragon® 8+ Mobile Platform
  • Customized 1.5K flagship straight screen
  • 3725mm² gaming grade VC cooling
  • 120W Immortal Second Charge + 5000mAh High Power
  • 100MP OIS Optical Image Stabilizer Camera
  • Under-screen fingerprint unlock
  • Operating system: MIUI 13
  • Mobile platform: 1st Generation Snapdragon 8+, SoC process: 4nm process, CPU frequency: Octa-core processor, the highest frequency can reach: 3.2GHz, GPU: Adreno™ GPU Graphics Processor, AI: Seventh Generation AI Engine
  • Memory Capacity: 12GB + 512GB up to optional
  • Running memory: 8GB / 12GB, LPDDR5 high-speed memory (6400Mbps)
  • Internal Storage: 128GB / 256GB / 512GB, UFS 3.1 high-speed storage
  • Screen display: OLED flexible straight screen, Size: 6.67 inches, Resolution: 2712 x 1220 (1.5K), Color display: 12bit, Contrast: 5,000,000:1, Display frame rate: up to 120Hz, Touch sampling rate: up to 480Hz, 1920Hz high frequency PWM dimming | Primary color screen | DCI-P3 | SGS low visual fatigue certification | Eye protection mode|Ambient color temperature sensor|360° photosensitive|Sunshine screen|Adaptive HDR|HDR10+ | Dolby Vision | Under-screen fingerprint | Dark light unlock | Heart rate detection
  • Imaging system: Rear 100 MP triple camera, 100 million pixel ultra-clear main camera: S5KHM6|1/1.67″ photosensitive element|1.92μm fusion pixel|OIS optical image stabilization丨1G + 5P glass-plastic hybrid lens丨f/1.6 large aperture
  • 8 MP ultra-wide-angle lens: 120° FOV
  • 2 MP macro lens, Everything Focus | Super Night Scene | Movie Mode | Movie Filter | Super Anti-Shake | Focus Peaking | Exposure Feedback | Voice Control Photography | Clone|Freeze Clone|Mengpai 3.0|Document Mode 2.0|Front and Back Views|Time Lapse Photography|Long Exposure|Voice Subtitles|Dynamic Photos|VLOG|Smart Composition | AI Watermark | AI Camera | Portrait Beauty | Video Beauty | Kaleidoscope | Professional RAW Format | Video Marker | Video Blur
  • 4K video capture: 1080p video capture: 1080p slow motion video capture: 720p video capture: 720p slow motion video capture: 30/60fps, 30/60fps, 120/240/960fps, 30fps, 120/240/960fps
  • Front 20 MP Sony IMX596 HD camera
  • Screen fill light|Volume button countdown to take pictures|Super night scene|Voice-activated photography|Scheduled continuous shooting|Mengpai 3.0|Front and back dual scenes|Time-lapse photography|Voice Subtitles|Dynamic Photos|AI Watermark|Portrait Beauty|Video Beauty|Kaleidoscope|Video Marker
  • 1080p video capture: 720p video capture: 720p slow motion video capture: 30/60fps, 30fps, 120fps
  • Battery capacity: 5000mAh(typ), Built-in lithium-ion polymer battery, non-removable MTW multi-pole ear single cell
  • 120W wired fast charge: The phone supports QC3+ / PD2.0 / PD3.0 fast charging protocol USB Type-C double-sided charging port, Standard 120W charger, compatible with PD charging protocol
  • Network frequency: 5G Dual SIM丨Full Netcom 7.0, Support dual Nano-SIM card slot, the primary and secondary cards can be used for 5G network without limitation of operators, Support Mobile / Unicom / Telecom 5G / 4G / 3G / 2G, Support dual SIM VoLTE HD voice / 5G: n1/n3/n5/n8/n28a (Uplink: 703MHz-733MHz, Downlink: 758MHz-788MHz) /n38/n40/n41/n77/n78 ; 4G: FDD-LTE: B1/B3/B4/B5/B8/B18/B19/B26, TDD-LTE: B34/B38/B39/B40/B41/B42, Note: LTE B41 (2496-2690 194MHz); 3G: WCDMA: B1/ B4/ B5/ B6/ B8/ B19 ; 2G: GSM: B2/B3/B5/B8; CDMA 1X: BC0
  • Support 4×4 MIMO antenna technology丨HPUE丨HO RxD
  • Data Connections: WLAN Protocols: WiFi 6 Plus, WiFi 5, WiFi 4 and 802.11a/b/g, WLAN frequency: 2.4G WiFi | 5G WiFi, Supports 2x2 MIMO, 8x8 Sounding for MU-MIMO, WiFi Direct, Miracast, 2.4G, 5G dual concurrent, Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.2, Support AAC/LDAC/LHDC
  • NFC function: After the Tianxing Finance·Wallet App is opened, you can use functions such as transportation card, Mi Pay, door card, car key* and other functions by double-clicking the power button.
  • Transportation Cards: Support 300+ cities, and support 40+ transit cards to migrate from old phone to new phone for free.
  • Mi Pay: supports online APP payment, offline card swipe, UnionPay QR code payment, and UnionPay tag tap payment.
  • Door card: physical door card, smart door lock, community door card, custom blank card. (Only can simulate a door card with a frequency band of 13.56MHz, with a door card Functional bank cards and door cards with functions such as stored value consumption and bus consumption, even if the simulation is successful, these cards do not have functions such as banking and public transport)
  • The number of supported cities, city names, banks, number of cards, car key partner models, etc., are subject to the actual situation. For more information, please follow "Star Financial Wallet" official WeChat account, or refer to (https://www.mipay.com)
  • Navigation and positioning: Beidou: B1 I +B1C+B2a | GPS: L1+L5 | Galileo: E1+E5a, GLONASS: G1 | QZSS: L1+L5 | NavIC: L5 | AGNSS, Data network positioning|WiFi network positioning|sensor assisted positioning
  • Video audio: Stereo dual speakers
  • MP3, FLAC, APE, AAC, OGG, WAV, AMR, AWB, Hi-Res Audio Certification|Hi-Res Audio Wireless Certification|Dolby Atmos
  • MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV, WEBM, 3GP, ASF playback supports HDR10/10+ videos sensor
  • Optical Distance Sensor|360°Ambient Light Sensor|Acceleration Sensor|Ambient Color Temperature Sensor|Electronic Compass|Gyroscope|Infrared Remote Control| Flicker Sensor | X-axis Linear Motor
  • Packing list: Mobile phone host | 120W charger | data cable | mobile phone protective case | factory film (already covered on the screen

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